In a world where being 'green' is rapidly becoming a way of life, and where designers and consumers are more environmentally aware, how are packaging designers successfully retaining the synergy between a package and the brand it represents?
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Written in 2006, his thesis is bound in separate sections, with the title pages being thin sheets of laser-etched plywood. This alludes to the discussions within the thesis itself around materials and technology as well as accentuates the sensory experience for the reader. With our attention spans becoming ever shorter as the years continue, the thesis is divided across sections for bite-size, easy-to-digest pieces of information.

Consumer behaviour is undoubtedly the driving force behind the whole branding and packaging industry. With the new wave of environmental consciousness taking precedence over recent years, going ‘green’ is the new way of life. What impact does this have on designers, especially in the packaging design production process? Ever since the Industrial Revolution, technology has become increasingly available for designers to take full advantage of. Though many still value fine craftsmanship (and lament its slow and gradual disappearance) it is no longer such an extraordinary attribute.