Birthed in the midst of the Covid pandemic, new-to-world Peruvian food concept, Paico was in need of creative support. Based out of LA, their focus was was primarily on a takeaway offering centered around Peruvian sauce drops, with a view to launch in bricks & mortar at a more appropriate time.
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Given their social purpose, sustainability practices and community-led approach, it was essential that the branding had some personality but that it could also be taken seriously. We chose to use a mature, subdued turquoise as a nod to the Peruvian offering, whilst the pop colour of yellow was a direct translation of the Amarillo peppers used in the Paico sauces.

We leaned on the full-stop not only as emphasis within the master logo but also as a visual mechanic throughout the brand’s other collateral. We created a simple, yet effective moving ident to reflect the brand’s ethos and priorities. 


Paico was started out of a home kitchen with the creation of three signature sauces: Aji Verde, Aji Amarillo, and Aji Rojo. Made fresh with traditional Peruvian peppers and spices, the sauces contain a unique flavour complexity and can be paired with a variety of different foods.

The F&B offering would be to grill and serve mouthwatering meats on Palitos (or skewers) just like any favorite Peruvian street-eat, Anticuchos. Served with a crisp salad, herb-based grain, and the intensely-flavoured sauces, the fresh and tasty meals are easy to understand, easy to eat and easy to takeaway.

Increasingly food is becoming a statement of personal identity, with cultural tribes forming around restaurants, food brands and even grocers. As such, creative merchandising has become an effective means to elevate beyond the provision of daily nutrition into product categories that allow customers to publicly display those allegiances.

In support of the aim to position Paico within the broader lifestyle landscape, a range of apparel, accessories, headwear, reusable totes and other general gift items will be developed. Created in partnership with local designers, the custom merchandise will serve as part of staff uniforms and be made available for sale in-store and on their website.