Print isn’t dead, it’s just hibernating. In an ever-evolving digital world, the instinct for graphic designers is to abandon all print. However, in the same breath, we are – as humans – feeling the lack of connection, keenly searching for tangible, tactile objects that tether us to this earth.

Introducing, the Print Series: a body of work from my time at Mount Street Printers.
Graphic Design, Artworking, Illustration, Typesetting, Print & Production Management, Client Relations, Pricing, Invoicing, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop ︎

Laser-cut and gold engraving on GF Smith Colorplan in Forest Green

Sleeve: laser-cut, hand-finished in GF Smith Colorplan in Scarlet
Inserts: foiled and litho-printed on MSP white

2-Colour letterpress and blind emboss on GF Smith Colorplan White Frost

Cover: Litho-printed silver on GF Smith Colorplan Fine Linen in Pale Grey and Bitter Chocolate
Inserts: MSP Off-white Wove
Finishing: Staple-bound

Save the Date: 3-colour engraving
Main Invitation: 3-colour engraving one side, litho on a high gloss board with white foil on second side
Envelopes: litho-printed v-flap

Litho-printed full-bleed Pantone on Peregrina Majestic, pink holographic foiled, duplexed, foil edged

Gold die-stamped invitation on Ebony GF Smith Colorplan, adhered to laser-cut Gold Peregrina Majestic gatefold cover

Silver holographic foiled card on Sapphire and Adriatic GF Smith Colorplan, silver litho on back of card