As part of the partner outreach, Land Rover enlisted our creative services for their style guides. Though Land Rover have robust brand guidelines, we created a set that were tailored specifically to their consumer products rather than their core brand. This is vital in ensuring their brand is safe-guarded as they expand into the licensed consumer goods space.
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As part of our partner outreach for Jaguar Land Rover, we created Point-of-View (POV) documents to justify and inspire the category; to ultimately excite potential licensees.

All these documents were modular by nature so that the Business Development and Sales teams could leave sections in or take them out based on the scope of any particular operator and the conversations they were having.

A robust set of Style Guides was put together specifically for the consumer products programme. Given that their audiences differed slightly across car models within the Land Rover core offering, we divided up the documents into their respective sub-brands: Land Rover, Defender, Range Rover. We also added Heritage given the brand’s robust history.

Each guide encompassed tone of voice, additional assets and colours, brand positioning, packaging as well as retail environments. Though we were keen to protect the core brand as they entered into the licensing arena, we also wanted to inspire potential partners or collaboraters. We focused on showing elements and aspects of the car models that could be used as a base for inspiration – it could be a graphic element, shape, technology feature, car detail or material.

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