We conceptualised and activated new-to-world CBD brand, Hoo Raa to cut through the daily monotony and deliver life-affirming moments.

Crafting a mesmerising identity to make us a magnet for pleasure-seekers, we created, named, designed, packaged, and marketed Hoo Raa as a mood-management brand.
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Hoo Raa is an expression of unadulterated fun, enjoyment and enthusiasm. We love life, and revel in creating extraordinary experiences, satisfying curiosities and making every moment count. Our recreational cannabinoid products – from quick-hit tinctures to intimacy-enhancing CBD lube – do just that.

We bring a playful philosophy to health, happiness, sexuality and everything that makes us human. We have a wry, provocative sense of humour that piques the interest of the adventurous. Sidelining monotony, we embrace diversity, dreams, moods, and ambitions, forging a new path and crafting our very own zeitgeist of abnormality and artistry. We know that life is hard enough as it is, so we may as well have some fun along the way.

Our art direction is purposefully vibrant, fashion-inspired and above all, whimsical. We’re here to have a good time – whatever that might look like – and our images should reflect that.


The packaging is as colourful as the brand ethos, with a vibrant Pantone and distinct personality chosen for each product. With zero adhesive, all our boxes are FSC-certified and recyclable; all our printed collateral is produced in a sustainable manner, utilising uncoated boards, vegetable dyes and natural sealants take the place of lamination.


Our website utilises a square-grid format. A nod to Instagram’s original grid posts, we knew this D2C brand would have to do a lot of hard work to do on social channels so linked it into moving image content as well as still imagery.


Consistent with campaign advertising, Instagram features witty statements, interspersed with lifestyle and product imagery. It should pop out with the brand colours and maintain a vibrant, upbeat theme.

Bridging the gap between social media and our website, our emails use the same minimal square-grid format for consistent messaging across all channels.

After the long hibernation, a thirst to feel and do has been building in every cell. And to quench it requires a bold new set of behaviours. Calling for… The bravery to pursue and explore your own preference and identity. The self-respect to give yourself and others a diversity of pleasures, and know it’s not selfish. The radical confidence to say “fuck you, I’m doing things my way. A new way.”

This is the behaviour of the PleasuRebels.

Our launch campaign focused on a social-first strategy. The audience we were targetting spend a lot of their time on social platforms so we felt it was pertinent for us to reach them this way. Our approach was centred around 4 US-based influencers with their own distinct personalities and reach. Each influencer was paired with a product that they felt resonated most. They became our PleasuRebels.

In addition to the manifesto launch video (above), we created short sizzle reels to be posted on both our channels as well as the influencers’ channels. We also paired each influencer with a health expert – that was relevant to the product and personality – to create a series of short videos surrounding Q&As around mental wellbeing, holistic wellness and keeping up with modern life. 


Focusing on New York first for its vast melting pot of cultures and their recently-decriminalised cannabis landscape, we created large-scale posters of each of our influencers. These were wild posted in their neighbourhoods – guerrilla style – highlighting the rebellious nature of Hoo Raa. Celebrating the attitude and personality of each persona and product, each poster had a unique QR code which led to its own landing page to purchase.

We rekindled the Downtown attitude by reminding the neighbourhood of their maverick roots and encouraging rebellious hedonism. Strategically touring key locations of alternative cultural significance, our engaging rebel squad roused the crowds with conversation, CBD knowledge, stories and samples.

Hedonistic, expressive and charismatic creature living comfortably in their new abnormal; these are our evangelists. Our spokespeople. Our bridge into the hearts of an audience. Ready to provide instant mood-shifts and gear-changes. Hoo Raa is a co-conspirator in realising their grand, untethered theatrics. Fuel for their emotions and colour in their performance. And where better to find them than in the mixing pot that is Downtown Manhattan.