Prior to reaching the end of our representation agreement with Crayola, we conducted a gap analysis to showcase any further opportunities we deemed would be a fit for them. We put forward compelling propositions that would be worth their time and our energy.

Crayola’s intention for their consumer goods programme was to reach a broader demographic, which, in this instance, also meant an older demographic. 
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Collaboration with Asos ︎
Collaboration with Vans ︎
Collaboration with Chinti & Parker ︎

Off the back of the success around Crayola entering the beauty space with their Asos collaboration, they were keen to explore more “outside the box” opportunities that was strategically sound and also aligned with their core values.

We looked at new spaces and technologies within the consumer space that they previously had not considered. Reviewing trend reports and working closely with the Strategy team, we put together a modular Point of View exploration deck that was in-keeping with their brand look and complete with supporting statistics.