Burberry’s Fashion Week windows referenced the shapes, materials and textures represented in the Prorsum Runway collection. With distinct pieces celebrating the value of craftsmanship and more traditional working methods, we focused on the beading detail and their washed out jewel-tone finishes.
Artworking, Graphic Design, Window Design, Spatial Design, Print & Production Management, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

The collection featured on Vogue.com ︎

The geometric shapes from the apparel were transformed into a 3-dimensional display where irregular pyramids of varying sizes – and stained in different colours – swoop in from the side walls and grow up out of the floor. We had a mock window which was used to test out configurations, and work with props and mannequins that were to scale. These then became the basis of our presentations and technical guidelines that were rolled out to over 500 stores worldwide.

With varying window formats – short and narrow to tall and skinny (and everything in between) – we had to provide a toolkit that made it easy for each team to implement the vision whilst maintaining each region’s budget and spatial consideration.

With the world moving toward being more digitally-focused, it's no wonder Christopher Bailey wanted to step back and, as he put it: "celebrate things that take time to do." From whipstitched hems to woven leather sleeves to all the beading, raffia and African-inspired prints, this collection side-stepped the digital age for something more (in Bailey’s own words) "Joyous, upbeat, nostalgic."